In Arva Studio we know that every project has completely different challenges and requirements, so often it's necessary to adjust our standard rates (up or down) according to the product. The best way to find out what your project will cost is to contact us with your specific number and type of products.

There are no minimum shot requirements, no expensive studio fees, and no hidden charges. Taxes are not included in the prices. All images are royalty free and include the following:

High Resolution RGB photo
One free re-shoot (if required)
Background Removal (if required)
Natural or Artificial Shadows
Photoshop Layers (product, shadow, background)
Color Adjustments (upon request)
Web Optimization (up to 3 different sizes)
Immediate Download
User Friendly Online Proofing System
Archival of product photos for 1 year

Base Product Photography Rates

Please use this list as a general guideline. It's important that you request a quote for your specific products to get the most accurate rates.

1 photo                 60 €
2-5 photos           45 € /u.
6-10 photos         40 € /u.
11-20 photos        35 € /u.
21-40 photos       30 € /u.
41-70 photos       25 € /u.
71-99 photos       20 € /u.
100 + photos       Please, contact us.

Group Product Photography Fees

Any photograph with more than one item would be considered a group shot. We charge an additional fee for this because of the time required to set up, adjust properly light and edit the photograph.

Small Groups (2-3 items)           + 5 € /u.
Medium Groups (4-8 items)      +10 € /u.
Large Groups (9-14 items)        +20 € /u.
X-Large Groups (15 + items)     Please, contact us.

Outdoors Shooting Day Rates

Architectural, interior design projects, events...

One Day Service         550 € (6h)
Two Days Service       850 € (12h)
Three Days +               Please, contact us
Wedding Service        1000 € (10h) + 24% ALV  For more details, please contact us.

* Trips further than 100 km from Kerava area are not included in the prices.